Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Few Thoughts on my hypothetical retro-clone Part 2 Combat and Saves

 I generally think D&D combat is just fine but a few minor tweaks are not amiss

Level Based AC bonus
This is really my big change, no one has one and its sorely needed especially for low magic games

I use this rule in all my current D&D games and it works at least at low levels in both old and new. Basically each round declare a stance and take the following changes.

Neutral (no penalties or bonuses) this is the default stance

Reckless -4 T0 AC +2 to Hit

Aggressive -2 to AC +1 to Hit

Defensive +2 to AC -4 to Hit

Cautious +1 to AC -2 to Hit

Full Defense +4 to AC No Attacks  

4 Save system , 3 of them are ala 3e (the older system is too cumbersome for my taste) and an additional perception save. I will also use passives saves ala 4e or the SRD variant.

Heroic feats/Called Shots 
I want a good system to handle this and everyone should be able to do them with the caveat that Fighters should be generally better .Rogues and Rangers might also be good at a few tricks I am not sure.

20 F/X

Instead of a critical hit, a roll of a natural 20 would result in some kind of  cool extra effect based on the weapon or monster. 

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