Wednesday, June 4, 2014

GURPS House Rules

I don't get to play much GURPS as only one player in my group likes the system as much as me but over time I have accumulated a few house rules. I'm excluding variant rules from 4e books with one exception. Just for fun here  they are.

#1 No Points for disads. This was an option back in  3e I think but I've used it in 4e with good success. Basically get campaign points (typically amount +50) and take whatever disads you want to play. If I were to run Supers games I'd modify this a bit and give points for Super disads to be spentonly on powers however.

#2 T-Bones Graze Rules  here

#3 T-Bones DECIDE rules here

#4 Edge Protection (from Low Tech)

Under consideration

#4 T-Bones Duck rules here

#5 T-Bones Whats a Miss here

and various other unlisted rules for Alternate Damage (by Doug Cole, grossly lower ST damage) and Wealth variants from the Pyramid boards

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