Monday, June 8, 2015

A Shout Out to Drivethru RPG for Job Well Done

I wanted to say a few positive words today about Drivethru RPG.

Lets start out by saying I don't have an affiliate account with them or have any products on sale there, I'm just a customer. A very happy customer.

I'm not a  a big fan of buying PDF's, its a necessary and good part of of our hobby  but its just not my thing . Still when I want to grab another PDF (not the Manor #8 which I also bought there) there was a minor glitch. They took care of it quickly , courteously and professionally.

That company has demonstrated a track record of customer responsiveness  since their founding  and as such   I can recommend them or any of their affiliates without hesitation.

You won't be sorry.


  1. Yes. They have always bent over backwards for me.

  2. Me too. I had a swarm of issues at one point but they were easily able to take care of them. If I ever have something to sell, I'll use them as well.

    Basically they get all my PDF business except for GURPS since SJ has its own deal and doesn't use them.
    To be honest the customer service they gave me was good enough I've forgiven them on early debacle involving gamergate.

    One time only but they earned a pass from me on that. As far as I am concerned it didn't happen.

    I'm still kind of po'd with Evil Hat though. They make good games but leveraging you market presence to censor others is not cool.

    Still my groups doesn't play anything they make its moot .