Saturday, December 22, 2012

Why no Pathfinder?

Folks who read my earliest posts probably saw more than a bit of Pathfinder content and might be wondering where it went.

Well as much I respect Pathfinder (its a a fine design) and am fine with playing it its just not my game. Its not structured the way I like and I often find myself fighting the system rather than enjoying it

In fact I am running a GURPS campaign, switched at my request from Pathfinder. Its on Holiday hiatus now but the group and I (with a new player and a returnee) will be back to Midrea GURPS style.

To tell you the truth, I much prefer older, simpler versions and when I want more rules GURPS and Eden Studios Unisystem.

I figure since I am not going to be selling any Pathfinder stuff, the future content you folks see will probably be for those games.

The Holiday Post

There are a lot of holidays being celebrated this time of year and I want to wish you and yours a merry one, whatever you believe.

I also especially want to thank y'all for reading and linking despite my rare posts. There'd be no point in doing this without you.