Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Six Games That I find Unplayable

This is just an opinion post. My opinion only and has nothing to do with the quality of the game. Simply these are games I could never play for various reasons. All of them are complete functional RPG's BTW, so this rules trash games, throwaway games and incomplete games

Now onto the list in no particular order.


Originally called Fantasy to Adult Lechery. Its not as badly written game as some think  but the content is disgusting, juvenile and gross. Its a degenerate game.

#2 HOL

Human Occupied Landfill is a good game, clever and well written. Its  just too weird and niche for me.

#3  Tekumel.

I used to own most of this line and its brilliant. I even enjoyed the novel "The Man of Gold" however the setting which is kind of Aztec/Islamic is so alien to my cultural interests and would require so much effort to get into the frame of reference I have to render it unplayable. I don'rt mind mining it for a bits though.

#4 Sorcerer.

I love this game, own all the books and unlike most of the more "story" driven ersatz RPG's out there, the game makes sense to me, However its basically "Dysfunctional Relationship the RPG" and the intended nature of the game makes it poor for good sized groups and requires just the right kind of players. Heck even the members of my group who could  grok  this game from the get go, had litttle interest. As my buddy, swordsman, mystic, troublemaker and all around cool guy Zatoichi put it "So its basically the RPG of my life, no thanks."

#5 Savage Worlds Low Life

Don't terribly like Savage Worlds and have no interest in playing sentient snack foods with Brooklyn accents. I just don't have the kind of sense of humor

#6 Kill Puppies for Satan

This is a borderline case, its actually a pretty good game mechanically and its very well written in an avaunt guard way. I just  can't imagine wanting to be around the kind of people who want to play devil worshiping human trash   Gaming with the kind of people Al Bruno wrote about back when Big Purple was far more fun is enough to make me want to join BADD. OK kidding there, nothing would cause me to join BADD. But I've been around people who are basically KPFS PC's   in real life and its an experience I'd rather  not repeat.