Friday, May 1, 2020

So what do you want to play that you haven't played?

My list is pretty short

The Fantasy Trip. Its sort of GURPS 1/2 for the uninitiated, simpler but still quite familiar and with its own charms.

Werewolf. Either the Apocalypse or the Forsaken. Neither of these games are as popular as they once were but I was never able to find a group playing  or willing to play either of these.

Mage. Pretty much as above.

Barbarians of Lemuria/Everywhen. A simple clean system and one highly suited for Swashbuckling adventure. 

So what are "your" games

When it comes to games, I'm a simple man.

I like Unisytem (Buffy, Angel and All Flesh Must Be Eaten) and when I can't get that GURPS.

I'm open to most games though 5E and OSR D&D are my D&D of choice.

I  dislike most any setting game with an overt "Left Wing"  or Progressive vibe or any sexual content . The only mild exception being Blue Rose. Its kind of a Progressive Pastiche of Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar but it pretty good nonetheless.

Some games I've played like FATE and World of Darkness  just don't click  for me either. Good games lots of interesting setting material  just doesn't work.

Back to Blogging.

Its been along time since I've blogged anything but with the recent unpleasantness, it seems like a great time to start up again.

Now like most of you, I'm not gaming right now  but I thought y'all might be curious as to what gaming I have done in the recent past

I tried Fantasy AGE which was an alright system. Played about 6 sessions and after that the game fizzled. Its a good game but you know, its not GURPS

I played three 5E campaigns none of which went past a coupe of levels. Did play the introductory adventure Mines of Phandelver even using the pre gens.  It was pretty good and very good D&D

Played and ran a lot of 1 or 2 shot pick up games, too many to list here. The best I think was  an Ancient Aliens inspired game somewhat resembling though pre dating the 2018 movie Kin . I ran this for quite a few sessions and the players really stepped up. There really wasn't much in the way of rules, more of interactive storytelling but it was fun for me and the two players.

Also turned down a GURPS Wild West. Its unusual for me to turn down a GURPS game but I didn't think the GM was up to it lore or system wise . The guys that playted said it was alright but I probably would not have had much fun.

Lastly I ran about 10 sessions of GURPS Conan with a bit of Game of Thrones added on.  The players mostly had fun though no matter how many  games you run you can always learn something new. 

Generally it went well though I agree with my players  I had too many ghost encounters and it needed a bit more work.

Frankly I'd love to revise the game  or one like it but that's a while off if possible at all.

Anyway take care out there and good gaming.