Sunday, August 1, 2010

A couple of quick notes on magic in Midrea

Midrea is fairly high magic world, probably closer to Greyhawk than the Forgotten Realms in power level but there is still plenty of magic out there.

Magic items exist in the standard numbers and until I can come up with a fair and accurate level based bonus to AC I'll hold my nose and just use a pretty standard allotment. I do use the "power components" rule so items do not cost XP. Instead they require extra dimensional materials or highly magically saturated materials to make. The exception being "single use" items such as scrolls, potions and some minor wondrous items. These can be made with large quantities of ordinary (although sometimes rare) materials.

Most spells work as per the rules with two key exceptions.

#1 Resurrection Magic.

Bringing the dead back to life in Midrea has been difficult since the Unhallowed War some one hundred years ago . For some reason the various Gods have stopped allowing resurrection magic of any kind to work . Short of using a Magic Jar or Clone spell and a soul stone (or a few limited class abilities that effect only the caster) it is impossible to bring the dead back to life.
Note though that magic from before this period works normally , so the occasional Scroll (though they can't be scribed) ,Staff of Life or other items work normally.
There are also a couple of artifacts (the Heroes Table, The Life Web and the Rod of Years) that can raise the dead as well. Bottom line, you die and unless you buddies want to quest for you, you stay dead...

#2 Teleport

Teleport like spells and powers are rather rare and dangerous sorts of magic. The spells work normally however using them involves travel through the the 1st realm and thus risks taint. Trust me on this, taint is very bad. You an assume almost no one will teleport unless its utterly necessary. Also note that Tree Stride and Fire Stride and similar "nature themed" spells do work normally within the grounds of the Ealven Wood for some reason. So be careful.

Travel Domain Clerics do not gain Dimensional Hop as a power instead gain the following power as per the D20 SRD

SU: For a total time per day of 1 round per cleric level you possess, you can act normally regardless of magical effects that impede movement as if you were affected by the spell freedom of movement. This effect occurs automatically as soon as it applies, lasts until it runs out or is no longer needed, and can operate multiple times per day (up to the total daily limit of rounds).

In addition the spell list is altered as follows

L4 Enduring Flight
L5 Overland Flight
L7 Phase Door
L8 Discern Location
L9 Mass Overland Flight

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