Tuesday, February 1, 2011

OSR Cat Folk

Long before the Fur subculture or even Thundercats was on TV my friends and I played around with humanoid cats as a replacement for Elves in our D&D.

Our interest in this didn't last long but it was fun while it lasted . Here is an Old School write up on them.

Cat Folk are humanoid house cats cats a bit shorter and lighter then men (use Half Elf charts) . They usually don't wear much clothing (typically a basic vitals covering for protection and sometimes a hat or sandals) although they can use armor and weapons as per class.

They gain +1 to Dex and -1 to Cha. Minimum Dexterity is 13, Maximum Charisma is 17.

They have the sensory bonuses and traits of Elves and retractile claws. The claws can be treated as built in weapons doing 1d3 damage. About 1 in 10 (roll % dice 10 or less) has a prehensile tail. A few breeds also have stumpy tails. This does not effect stats.

They may advance as Fighter, Thief including subclasses and Magic User and where appropriate Bard or Ranger to the levels of an Elf.

Thief bonuses are as per Elf although they gain +20% bonus to Climb (up only) and +10% to Pick Pockets.

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