Sunday, December 5, 2010

Old School Guy #2 Genric the Soldier Mage

This guy is a bit of a hack designed to allow a player to have a human fighter/mage and to show what being flexible with the rules can do. He was made with the Hill Cantons material weakly documented. Doh!

Genric was born to a large family in Dyr whose Father, the Village Reeve died early. As his mother could not feed him during the time of the Potato Plague she sent to live with cousins in Mada.

As a young man he was conscripted by the military, however when the unit attacked his kin-folk he participated in the Great Mutiny and this ended his attachment. Now no longer part of the service and still feeling a lust for adventure, Genric has taken to the road with his new companion Kael.

Magic User 1

S 14
I 16
W 10
D 13
C 14
CH 12

Background Skills
Basic Forestry

May wear leather or elven chain and cast spells
Fight as Thief with Thief Weapons
D6 Hit Die
Fast Advancing (+10% to XP)

Genric advances as a Magic User but do to his abilities requires an extra 10% XP per level.


2 sets clothes (free)
Hygiene Basics (free)
2 daggers
Backpack, two small sacks, bedroll, water skin, tinderbox, and one week of iron rations , five torches, five oil flasks, 60 ft. rope, grappling hook, wooden pole
Light riding horse with tack

35 GP

Background Stuff
3rd child
government Official (+1 cash)
Dad was Reeve who died
Ma could not handle raising gave to guardian a very distant cousin
survived plague outbreak
conscripted but mutinied


  1. Neat, love to see how people apply those charts. I wanted them to be something riffable by GMs and players--you extrapolate story and abilities from them--rather than being like a strict, straight chargen method like Traveller.

  2. Thanks for the reply ckutalik and the compliment .

    Also sorry for my slow feedback. I typically am faster but with Christmas and all that and some issue,now fixed with me not seeing them, well ..

    better late than never and at least its this year ;)