Friday, December 9, 2011

What I have been up to.

Real life mostly.

However during my MIA time I

#1 Finished up my GURPS game with what I consider a pretty satisfactory ending, the characters got well off enough that they decided to stop adventuring. This was a solid in character way to deal with player boredom.

#2 I ran a few sessions of Angel, 2075 Post Apoc. It worked well though the game is going on hiatus as one player is going to do some missionary work and the player who is the slayer is his minor sister and without him there its not easily workable. Since her interest has waned (this was only the second time every she played an RPG with my GURPS game being the 1st) I doubt she'll want to continue.

#3 Wrote a 24 Hour RPG. for the Creative Commons. Its called Double Dice and I literally dreamed it up one night. Methinks I have been gaming too much. A much more polished, not 24 Hour Version will show up here along with some settings and such. Just for fun. Its not old school by any means but its mechanically decent and as that is my weak point, I am pretty proud of my work.

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