Saturday, February 25, 2012

Musing: I've never used a Dragon

I was thinking back on the various games I've run and I realized that I've never used a Dragon in a game.

There are a lot of reasons behind it, length of my early games, preference for low level play, fear of party TPK and the fact I don't care for Color Coded Dragons but I think maybe its time to change that.

Next D&D games, there is gonna be a dragon.

Oh yeah and in case anyone asks, yes I do use dungeons. I love em.


  1. I've rarely used dragons myself. They got used only occasionally in my old D&D and AD&D games. Then I switched systems and haven't, to my memory, used one again.

    It's a combo of "it's so iconic, you have to do it right" and "they're powerful, so you're not ready yet" and "it's big, where do I put it?"

    Plus I notice if I put a dragon on my maps, the players do not go there. They are never, never, never ready, in their own minds. They avoid that part of the sandbox like it was used as a litterbox.

  2. Peter. I have lulled my players into a drowsy trust and knowing them they'll head right into its maw. Heh heh heh ..

    In all seriousness I have no idea if they'd try Dragons can be nasty.