Thursday, June 14, 2012

So how about some mostly random D&D?

Yes seriously.

I was thinking about this. You roll almost everything.

Start at Level 0

Pick Race

Roll Stats

Roll Social Status

Roll Gifts (thats a custom bennies system I am working on)

Roll Staring Skill (like the old secondary skills system not adventuring skills)

Roll Starting Gear

Get you L0 Hit Points (4+con)

have a little adventure

Now you hit L1

Get you HP (Max +Con)

Get some limited class abilities

Roll on a version of the cool chart that Zack came up with for 2 class abilities

Roll Starting Gear and Money

Roll any other skills, traits, junk, proficiency I plan on using.

You guys life starts now.

Between adventure sessions (in the city etc) roll random events and at level up of course roll on some version of my version of Zack's table.

About the only thing you don't roll ironically is hit points. Those are Greyhawk Average

So does that sound like fun or too random?

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