Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So what on the horizon for 2013?

2013 looks to be an interesting year for me. I expect to run GURPS in Midrea for the second time, some Angel/Buffy and maybe some Old School D&D (hopefully)

I have no idea what they guys have planned RPG wise but I'll play it whatever it is.

Our group will also do a lot of freeform games, little mostly systemless based on just whatever idea comes to mind.

No every group can do this but my group cam handle it well and even managed 2 non violent mini games in a row to close out 2012.

I suspect though that the battle lust will be catching up with them and I'd better give them a good fight soon before they mutiny.

As far as writing, I have some projects to play catch up on and if I have any discipline at all and Fallout NV or Skyrim don't eat my time I might manage an OSR bit or two.

I'm working on a setting that could be described as D&D without the Eldritch . Drop much of the 70's stuff and the Howard, Leiber, Lovecraft and Vance .

Don't get me wrong I love all these things but its time I think for a something new.

Call it the Anti-Lament of the Flame Princess if you like. And no disrespect to James Raggi here, LOTFP is a great game. Its just want something a little different and a little less weird and dark.

More Faerie Princesses and no Cthulhu. We'll see.

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