Saturday, January 17, 2015

A trio of things I didn't like about 5th Edition D&D

Every rose has it thorns I guess and 5e has a few too

#1 Bounded Accuracy and skills. I love the rule but it doesn't cover proficiency they way I'd like it too. I'd like a system more akin to Adventurer Conqueror King where you can have Apprentice, Journeyman and Master and maybe Grandmaster   levels skills  that uncouple from your level based proficiency bonus a bit. I think in some respects the Epic 6 skills reflect human realities a bit better but again its D&D and regardless, it works.

#2 Hit point escalation. I kind of like bounded hit points instead of 20 hit die juggernauts . That said, the bounded accuracy still means that the ultra high level types can be hit and attrited  down but its just time consuming and they hit hard.

#3 Wizards have a lot of magic, way more power than I am used too. I played the starter set elf wizard and  with rests basically had unlimited magic in terms of ritual spells and cantrips and rarely ran low on spells. And while we were well above average in craftiness and the GM a bit of a novice though skilled  I  never even felt the need to use my 2nd level spells . Now this extra magic  isn't game breaking and unlimited flame bolt cantrip  really isn't more powerful than a bow  but its a bit  off putting.

However none of these make the game unplayable, its still rock solid and I will be playing more. ,

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