Thursday, February 12, 2015

So What Are Your Favorite Games?

The question  no one asked of course.

My favorites as of 2015 are GURPS and  Eden Studios Unisystem (Cinematic and Classic) with the runner up being my favorite D20 version, True 20

My  favorite OSR game is Beyond the Wall. 

This seems like an odd choice but for the most part it focuses in aspects of gaming I like a lot and think are under served a bit. Its not weird but it is fantasy and I like it well enough to playtest for it. Its rock solid .

 To tell you the truth I don't think any OSR games them are bad really and given they came from good root stock, all of them are pretty decent.

Other than Beyond the Wall, in that vein   I think I'd most like to play Castles and Crusades which isn't exactly OSR but a close cousin,

Games that have been a lot of fun to play but aren't favorites any more include AD&D 2nd edition and Rolemaster both classic and standard system . I spent a lot of hours with AD&D 2 most of them good and Rolemaster just attracted great players and for some reason kept the gaming dregs at bay.

One outlier was the underrated Alternity . I only played this once in a pick up game but it seemed to flow really well and had I more time with it, I think it could easily have been my SF game of choice.

I also quite like Sorcerer by Ron Edwards (its narrative but not so narrative I can't figure out why it would be fun) and S.John Ross's RISUS which is top notch for fun and silly games and better than you think for serious play too.

lastly and moving fats  up the charts also is D&D 5e. Its really, really  good.

I'f I ha to choose one game?

GURPS. At one point before I discovered Unisystem it was my "one game" and going back wouldn't break my heart though I'd miss the others.

So there  you have it, a hodgepodge of games I like

How about you?

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