Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Guns on Midrea Where and Who

Guns can be bought on Midrea at Firhom at a place called "The Gunshop" . Getting in requires a permit which requires some questions to be answered in a zone of truth and costs 500GP

They can also be bought at the Harrow Dwell by members and at a magic shop of Freepor as well.

Users of firearms include

#1 a few rich folk (they are a prestige item)
#2 a few adventurers,
#3 The Morris Family (for complicated reasons I'll get to later)
#4 The First Guard ( Elite Guard of Firhom)
#5 The Firestorm Regiment (also a Firhom)
#6 The Defenders of the Republic (in Brin)
#7 The Deadeyes
and last #8 The Magisters Elite (who are armed with magic firearms)

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