Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rarity of Wizard Spells in Midrea

This is handy little Wizard (and other arcane spell preparation casters) spell frequency chart that shouldn't be any trouble to figure out. It will come on handy with the next post so I figure I'll show it to y'all now.

Sorcerers and other Innate arcane casters have similar magic but they don't have spell frequency per say, instead they have a mix of spells, somewhat random and somewhat directed by their bloodline.

Very Common -- Most casters will have one or more of these

Common --- Many casters will have one or more of these

Uncommon -- About one casters in ten will have

Rare -- About one caster in one hundred will have one of these

Very Rare/Unique -- A tiny handful of casters, often just the creator and a favored apprentice will have one of these

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