Saturday, March 27, 2010

4e is Not D&D As I Know It a Pro 4e Rant

0e , B/X and 1e looked like what D&D is an ad-hoc wargame made by fans of heroic and weird fantasy. 2e is basically the same game, upgraded and made a bit more commercial. Its a game of imiagination and creativity

3X is a still D&D in my opinion just a thoroughly modernized rule set. Still all the stuff that makes D&D ,goofy monsters, Vancian magic, a lot of imagination somewhat arbitrary rules you know, the fundamentals, are all still there.

4e is not like any D&D I've ever seen before. It looks like someone took D&D fluff and grafted onto some .alt world D&D o that was designed when Online and Computer RPG's were all the rage. Which is I guess what it essentially is. 4e seems to do away with most of what I come to see as D&D and replaced it with pa meticulously balanced (mostly) powers system and a set of building blocks.

That being said, its a really cool looking game. It simply looks fun.

I just haven't had a chance to try it. You see my two play circles (two different groups with little member overlap) simply have no interest in this game. They'll play 3x, Pathfinder , 2e shoot I even had a better chance at getting them to play Labyrinth Lord than 4e.

Honestly I don't know whether to be sad happy or sad about that.

As it is I may well go dip my feet in the water and go find a third gaming group and give some 4e a try. Heck I might even come to think of it as D&D.

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