Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sherlock Holmes and Watson for D20

I did this over at Big Purple but for those of you who don't want to be bothered, the Great Detective and his Associate.

These versions mix my readings of Doyle, some of the new movie and a taste of classic all put through a D&D meat grinder. Just as we see in the Glen Cook's excellent Garrett P.I. series many of the classic detective tropes can be used nicely with D20, especially low magic campaigns

I am especially proud of my write up of Holmes. I think I captured the Detective pretty well and with with minimal rules bending,. The low magic Watson was a bit trickier. I am certainly open to a different interpretation if anyone has one.

This uses pathfinder with the above low magic rules however as these guys are N.P.C.s I did not include a background for them.


L10 Half Elf Rogue

S 16
I 18
W 14
D 16
C 16
CH 14

1 Educated (All Knowledge Skills are class skills)
3 Improved Unarmed Strike
5 Improved Grapple
7 Improved Feint
9 Urban Tracking
Skill Focus (Perception)

Class Abilities
Sneak Attack (5d6)
Rogue Ability (Custom, +3 Bardic Lore) x5 Lore Roll +19!
Trap Sense +3
Uncanny Dodge
Improved Uncanny Dodge
Advanced Talent (Skill Mastery) Perception + 6 others

Skill Points

HP 83
AC 21
Action Points 10

MW Studded Leather Armor (under coat)
Deerstalker Hat
Pipe Weed in Pouch
Stout Cudgel (light mace)
Investigators Kit
Hand Crossbow
Bolts (of various materials, some may be magic )
Lens of Detection
Ring of Magic Detection (automatically tightens if magic sensed)
Occasional dusts, potions oils or the like


Do to the peculiarities of the D20 system I had to boost his level a bit to make him a "better shot" then Holmes as the novels suggest

L10 Human Expert 4 Fighter 6

S 12
I 14
Wis 14
Dex 14
Con 12
Cha 12

H Alertness
1 PB Shot
3 Skill Focus Healing
5 Rapid Load
7 Hand Crossbow
9 Investigator
F1 Weapon Focus
F2 Precise Shot
F4 Weapon Specialist
F6 Repeating Crossbow (Heavy)

Special Abilities
Armor Training
Weapon Training (Crossbows)
Bravery +3 vs fear

Skill Points

HP 69
AC 19
Action Points 10

Leather Armor
Healers Kit with potions cure light, cure moderate, remove disease, neutralize poison
Investigators Kit
Hand Crossbow
18 Bolts 12 are +1 (6 holy cold iron 6 holy silver) 6 standard
Short Sword or Cudgel

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