Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World background for Midrea

Midrea is an anything goes style D&D world using a mix of D20 stuff , mostly Pathfinder and whatever else I think fits in well.

Midrea has one main continent and many many smaller islands ranging up to the size of Australia . The main land mass is about twice the size of Earths Europe and Asia combined with an equally wide range of terrains.

The world has one moon – Celene which has an orbiting asteroid named Andarko which is too small to grossly effect tidal patterns.

Climate is earthlike although warmer and flatter do to world forming and other sorts manipulation by the worlds builders .

Most of the natural environment has been replaced with various plants from other worlds. There are locations where bundles of elements were mixed to create new environmental types. Examples include the jungles of the south where jungle plants from many worlds were altered to form a single ecosystem

The main race is Human. Humans on Midrea are roughly divided into 2 subraces, Shan and Human.

Shan differ from human in minor cosmetic ways. They come from a world with a higher ambient magic and are more likely to have magical traits or powers. They often have odd colored eyes and hair silver, gold or other metallic colors and hues are common.

Humans on Midrea were brought across by the master spell some 1500 years ago. They come from a sort of Cuthulu Earth.

They were brought over in the years from roughly 1300 to 2040 in differing batches. All of the humans selected spoke English as a language, primary or secondary and were selected for the psychological and physical make up necessary to survive in a pseudo medieval world.

Many of the humans descended from faire folk re-enactors, gamers and a mix of others. Most are Caucasian although there is a cluster of African, Asian and other ethnic backgrounds as well.

Animal life is varied and comes from nine other worlds. Only a few of the native animals survive and it is beyond current science to estimate which ones are original and which ones are not.

Generally speaking though bizarre creatures are either from another world or are made by magic.

Midrea has 9 gates to other worlds – The red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet gates as well as the two gates to transitory energy realms, The Black Gate which leads to a realm that resembles popular conceptions of hell and the White gate which leads to an evolved realm of super-beings.

The Red Gate leads to a world analogous of Pulp Mars with similarities to other desert oriented gaming products.

The Orange Gate leads to a swampy world filled with fantastic reptiles and lost races

The Yellow Gate is closed and has never been opened

The Green Gate leads to a Verdant world, original home of the Halfling people though damage to the gate has render a return to this world apparently impossible.

The Blue Gate leads to Earth

The Indigo gate leads to the Realm of the Shan

and last the Violet gate leads to the Hyper-Magical realm sometimes called Faerie.

It is also rumored there are 6 subduction points, corresponding to failed attempts to create gates. For of these correspond to the classic elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water. These are called the Eternal Flame, The Deeping, The Eternal Storm. and the Underwater City.

Two additional points, one representing "Mind" called the Great Crystal and another The Machine Realm representing Metal.

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