Saturday, June 11, 2011

Campaign Ideas 2011 June Edition

From Hell's Heart

In the setting, the PC's were seriously wronged by the ruling class, cast out, tortured, lost families, come up with whatever truly awful tragedy you like as per the background, just make it bad. Being nearly broken by this only one thing keeps them alive and sane ,faith and hope. Faith in each other and Hope of vengeance.

All PC's must be of evil alignment have a basic loyalty to other party members and be interested in vengeance at any cost. Its D&D on the dark-side where you can be the one drowning the world or consorting with witches and werewolves. Learn to hate and come from Hell' Heart.

Needless to say this is for select mature players who can handle it.


Royal Army Intelligence Division.

Gear Up! We have a dead marine. Its TV's NCIS in a D&D world. The PC's are tasked with investigating crimes caused by or against members of the King's Forces. Investigate crime, espionage, terror and ordinary dirty deeds while trying to avoid disappointing from The Gnomish Duchess of Deception (or the L.J. Tibbs)


  1. I would dearly love to see Hell's Heart work out.

    Of course, I think it would work out even better if you removed alignment from the game entirely...which is easier said than done when dealing with Pathfinder/d20, I know...

  2. Alignment isn't as much of an issue to me (I'll have something on that probably Monday) as keeping the game focused.

    I expect wanton cruelty, slaughter, rapine and atrocity but unless the players are really good it will go from a serious "revenge" themed campaign right into spatter-farce real quick.

    And Ryan I really appreciate your comments, it makes the blogging a lot more worthwhile. Thanks.

  3. Ah, if only they'd just stuck to the Lawful-Neutral-Chaotic spectrum from pre-AD&D.