Thursday, May 24, 2012

Confession: I haven't Bought Dice in Years

Grognardia was having an interesting conversation about dice and the feeling the engender over here and while I understand the nostalgia he is feeling I just don't have it any more.

Now I certainly use dice in GURPS (3d6 for most games, a few more for high powered fantasy, modern or SF) and in Old School (the usual suspects) they are just tools to help make them game fun and bring home the real reason I am there, to hang out, eat, drink and laugh with other nerds. What the dice look like doesn't matter.

In truth, I could care little about dice and the last set I bought was years ago, an enormous novelty set of six siders at a 99 cent store . They did get used oddly enough, for GURPS because I oculdn't find my others. That was fine but its not like even with weekly play they wear out all that fast.

Heck a lot of times I don't use any dice no matter what side of the screen I am on. When I run Buffy or Angel, I don't roll anything (its all fixed values) and use no dice. The players each need a single D10 or one for the group will suffice in a pinch

As a player, so long as its fair I don't need to roll either . In the the current game I am playing Lone Star Brotherhood, using the Fallout TTRPG rules the GM is rolling all the dice. And while this is new to me I really don't mind. Its one less thing to keep track off and its no less fun. Anyway given the tabletop game emulates another medium (the Fallout video game RPG series to be exact) it feels fine.

This doesn't mean I am a no dice snob or anything, I am not going to throw away my games for Amber Diceless or something , after all they serve a need and in an old school game they are actually pretty important, randomness being part of the play experience its just the physical object holds no nostalgia for me.

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