Friday, May 18, 2012

Such Cool Pictures: Old School FRP

This beauty is a tumblr blog I discovered while searching for articles on The Fantasy Trip.

It has catalogs, art, game covers and all sorts of stuff from what the author calls "The original golden age of fantasy role playing games. "

Now normally I wouldn't post a picture blog but this is like OSR pron ...

So nice and well stocked...


  1. Thanks for the pointer. I found a Holmes Basic ad on the second page that I hadn't seen before. The blogger started with Holmes - see their very first post.

  2. That's a cool site. Lots of 'Oh yeah' moments.

    But more importantly, did you find any good articles on TFT?

  3. Not really. I was trying to find out a bit more on some articles in Space and Fantasy Gamer with archetype packages. I was sort of hoping they might be out there in the void