Saturday, August 9, 2014

5e! Wow!

I don't write gush posts very often but having looked through 5e basic, the free Wrath of the Dragons stuff and of course the playtest files I am almost jittery with anticipation for 5e.

It seems to hit all my OSR buttons and most of my modern game buttons as well and it looks like it could replace 2e as my favorite D&D.

Now its not perfect, I think I slightly prefer the assumed base numbers of Pathfinder low level skills (5 is basically a journeyman) and I  can see a few bits a bobs I'd like to tweak ,very few which is a testament to game design .

Still there is nothing in there I can't live with, very little to fix and a lot to love (scaling spells Woot!)

So yay 5e!, Basic set and PH you will soon be mine!

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