Saturday, August 9, 2014

On transgender inclusiveness in 5e and Pathfinder

I don't like politics or edition bashing on my gaming blog so I'll keep this short, I don't care.

OK, a better explanation 

I actually think the Pathfinder Iconic Shaman being TG is kind of cool . Its fits the archetype well and is actually interesting and somewhat historical 

5e defaults to the Forgotten  Realms which is a pretty sexed up , diverse and tolerant place too. so the "sexual preference advice" in char gen its fits there decently as  well. In both cases it was handled in an inoffensive way and if catering a bit to the current progressive shibboleth helps sales, so be it.  

After all  doesn't hurt the game, make my game any less Conservative (gaming is fundamentally Conservative which is a topic for another post) or hurt the hobby, so what the heck. What'evs, lets roll some dice. 

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