Thursday, April 9, 2015

My Weakness, Prep.

A comment by one of my posters Lauren Farrow mentioned the puzzle aspect of D&D and that got me thinking about my weaknesses as a GM.

Simply, I don't like to prep. Most of the time that doesn't hurt my game since I am very good at improvising and am able to fake a fully prepared game off the top of my head

However that approach has  weak spot . Puzzles  . My puzzles are never as good as they could be, they aren't well drawn, very complex or the kind that require player skill to solve.

In the past this wasn't an issue since my my players weren't into puzzles and weren't that good at them.

My recent groups though,  well, they can blow through a fairly complex , multi-variable puzzle in no time flat. Being they are of the video game generation and I am not  only have they been exposed to far more visual puzzles than I have, they are actually good at them.

What this means for me is, time for me to step up my game. Do a little more prep where needed and shore up my weaknesses. This a good thing though since it will mean for for fun for everyone, me included.

Once I get past the teeth grinding boredom of prep anyway.

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