Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Intro To My Never to Be Run Supers Game

In case anyone is wondering, this is not an April Fools post. I hate pranks.

A few posts back I mentioned that I suck at running Supers games and as such this intro won't get run any time soon.

However at one point I had planned to run a games based loosely on the Marvel  Civil War plot line.

As it happens my group plays Shield Operatives from the Reformed Avengers . There is a bit of a rotation but the consistent team leader is Shockwave, a sonic powered super with a police background played ably by my gaming buddy T.  His boss is theoretically Tony Stark when Stark is sober and functional. Since  he usually isn't ,  a powered armor super named Fireforce who was basically guilt tripped into taking over for Stark fills in.

Intro: Its about 10 years in the future and a lot is on your mind, your role in the new  metahuman registration law , budgetary issues with Shield and how not to get nearly killed on the next call out.

Exhausted and dirty you are returning from your more or less successful mission to take down the Reaver and his gang of super  powered criminals  when walking up to HQ, there is a sudden titanic  explosion

Iron Man hurtles to to the ground in a shower of sparks

Slowly lowering to the ground    with an angry plasma fire is Fireforce   the assistant Section  Leader  "Stark!" his voice  roars "You tin plated little  despot, wanna be dictator!"

Stark  fires his repulsors from the ground which hit  Fireforces force field "Nice try, Tin Man but I've made some upgrades." Fireforce grabs Iron man and hits him with a Thunder Puncher  shattering his helmet sending him into the wall."what next, Concentration camps for the powered  , you so of a ..."

War Machine, oh yeah he's called Iron Patriot now  moves quickly to help Stark

"Stay out of this Rhody." Fireforce growls as his titanic armor turns "E-Frame Go!" an Exo-Skeletal X rack attache itself to Fireforces armor. The rack looks heavily armed with energy Gatlings and some kind of rockets. It comes up to speed with an ominous whine

Roll for initiative!

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