Thursday, January 28, 2016

Alsmost missed GURPSday and What's Next GURPS Deep Star

I have decided what GURPS game I will be running next.

GURPS Deep Star which is simply Star Trek style space exploration in a TL 9 setting using TL 11 "Alien" Star Ships

Like the last campaign, this game is designed to be episodic and to allow for player walk on and offs.

Inspiration include Ancient Aliens, UFO Folk Lore, a little X Files ,  Star Gate SG 1, Aliens 1-4, Outland , a tiny dash of Solider and Blade Runner, Runaway ,  Star Trek (of course) and the Tri Tac RPG Incursion 

PC's will be 255 points with a 15 point duty (all the time  hazardous) one of Code of Honor, Sense of Duty or Honesty and one 5 point disadvantage if desired. No points will be given for disdvanatges as they are worked into the point base.

Character types can be a a mixture of astronauts, specialized scientists and a few military personal. Most shoudl come from the Anglosphere and for any that do not, English at native is a requirement

House rules will include Doug Cole's  reduced hand weapon damage system and possibly Technical Grappling though this is unlikely to be used.

Well that should be everything. Next week, maybe some crunch.

Till then. Good gaming.

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