Thursday, January 21, 2016

My next plans regarding GURPS for 2016

I'm polishing up running a Pathfinder  game . I ran epic 6 (levels cap at 6 , get a feat  each session after) and it its been fun but on the whole I  found out that not Pathfinder is far from my ideal playstyle . Good fun  but not a great game.

Not only I'm I settling for a game that doesn't suit me well  that I am neglecting my old pal GURPS.
Well not any longer

So my "GURPS in 2016" will be another campaign. I don't know which setting but its going to be Action driven and to carry the fluid excitement that Pathfinder simply doesn't deliver

What I hope to accomplish aside from simply being fun is to introduce new gamers like the many walk-ins and drop ins at my FLGS who join our PF game for session or two  where we game to how great GURPS is

Get a little space in their head for GURPS and a taste for the game and we can grow the play base

It may never be as big as D&D, probably won't but there is lots of room to grow and I plan to do my part.

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