Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Old School House Rules Part 1

Not a PDF as yet but a test of the concepts.

These will be used with my S&W, LL mutant hybrid game if when its done.

#1 As the PC's are supposed to be somewhat physically and mentally above average persons stats are rolled 4d6 drop low arrange to taste

#2 Racial classes are not in use as of yet . Instead I will be using LL/AEC styled races with modifications.

#3 Classes are

Black Wizard
White Wizard
and possibly Bard and some kind of Merchant Adventurer should I acquire Majestic Wilderlands

#4 Hit points are calculated Greyhawk Average

#5 Akrasia's Fighters with Flair will be used. Non Wizard characters may gain one choice from this chart.

#6 Everybody gets either a DM approved choice from the special snowflake table or 2 rolls.

more to come

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