Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Old School Class Ideas List

This is my list of class ideas designed with B/X-LL in mind. It does use race as class but each of that races archetypes was to provided as an option.

To note I haven't designed all these classes as of yet and may not ever in fact. TIf I do I will likley put them in my "Old School Companion" with the XP tables built with one the design methods and tweaked to taste.

Magic User

Non Human Classes

Notes, all Elf classes are "what they do + elf spell list" to represent the fact that Elves are magical beings

Elf Archer
Elf Sword Dancer
Elf Trickster
Elf Healer
Elf Forester

A couple may require some explanation. Bounder is a patrol fighter, Thornwalkers patrol the Hedge that keeps foreigners out of the Shires and are analogous to Rangers. Herbalists use herb lore and nature spells. Last Guardians are like Paladin/Undead Hunter types

Halfling Bounder
Halfling Thornwalker
Halfling Herbalist
Halfling Guardian
Halfling Burglar
Halfling Sharpshooter

Dwarves have a few less class options in this version (as vs my "Cunning Dwarf" ideas below ) Clan Dwarf is the standard Dwarf with some trade skills, Dwarf Rager is a Berserker, Runecasters do well Rune Magic, Stonespeakers have Earth Magic, Ancestor Speakers are a shaman-cleric. Of course Tunnel Scout subs in for Rogue.

Clan Dwarf
Dwarf Soldier
Dwarf Rager
Dwarf Runecaster
Dwarf Stonespeaker
Dwarf Ancestor Speaker
Dwarf Tunnel Scout

In more "Cunning Dwarf" archetypes Optionally Ancestors Speaker, Rager, Runequest, Soldier, Stone Speaker and Tunnel Scout can be dropped for a very simple pair

Clan Dwarf (Fighter/Rogue/Merchant)
Dwarf Magician (Magic User)
and Clan Dwarf becomes a modified Thief


  1. Thornwalkers?

    I believe they guard the Bosky Dells...

  2. Very possible I cribbed the idea from somewhere. I always imagine the Shires as being surrounded by a great thorny hedge and patrolled by braver and more adventurous sorts of Halflings.