Friday, October 22, 2010

Worlds I made: Amnet Var Part 2 Rules

Amenet Var is human-centric and uses a modified Pathfinder rules set.

Humans only

32 point buy

everyone gets a bonus background as per Thieves World. This includes a bonus feat but is in lieu of a Pathfinder Talent

Combat Options everyone gets
Gain Elusive Attack @2 attacks
Gain Counterattack @3 attacks
Gain Overpowering Attack @4 Attacks

Action Points (as per SRD) are used

1/2 level is added to AC round down. 1/2 this (1/4) is added against touch attacks and when flatfooted though not when helpless. The compensates for lesser amounts of magic items.

Fractional Saves and BAB as per SRD are used

Greyhawk Average Hit Points are used

Classes Allowed are

Ranger (non spell using)
Barbarian (obviously super natural rage powers not allowed)
Monster Hunter
Beast Master

In addition two magic using classes are allowed Wizard and Archivist.

In order to take more than half ones level or advance to a a level that could cast spells greater than the intelligence modifier would allow in magic using classes a feat must be taken at 1st level

Greater Gift
Preq Human Int 15+ Con 13+
Bonus Possessor may take any number of wizard or archivist levels up to the second casting level of the INT. In addition they gain +1 on all saves
Regular: A person may only take ½ level of caster classes up to second casting level of INT

Prestige Classes
Classes are permitted as appropriate. Ask for any specific requests.

And there you go, an example of world building via house rules

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