Thursday, October 14, 2010

Theme Parties #4 The Seven Delvers

A little Delving Deep, a little Dwarf Fortress and a little Hobbit minus Bilbo.The Delvers is a 7 person, all Dwarf mercenary group ready for most anything. They specilize in "Dungeoneering" but are certainly open to most other jobs. Like all Hire-Dwarves they are very expensive, about twice what human mercs would charge. Most consider them well worth the cost

The Party consists of

Rimbold -- Axe for Hire, Party Leader. Fighter

Gart -- Crossbowman, Fighter/Crossbowman Variant

Nordilbor --Spell Master -- Sorcerer, Boreal Bloodline

Genkan -- The Trapsmith, Rogue/Trapsmith variant

Drozdt -- The Shield-Dwarf, Fighter

Sabrosh -- The Alchemist, Alchemist

Branlor -- Artificer and Healer, Artificer


  1. I like this! A very entertaining idea. Is their office manager a pale brunette? :)

  2. No one will ever believe me but Disney never crossed my mind when I was making these guys. The number 7 just let me fill all the needed slots.

    I do have to say making the office manager a pale brunet aristocrat does have a certain appeal. I imagine she has some unflattering for the guys too. ;)