Friday, October 22, 2010

My Old School House Rules Part 2

OK a few more rules added

#7 3x3 background and skills system (here) will be used

#8 Level drain is gone. Instead it is replaced by taint. When taint equals the character level, they die and other bad things may happen. Ghost aging is also gone and will be rpelaced with other unpleasant powers

#8 The following non human classes are available thus far

Changeling (aka Half Elf) these function as per book however they cost an additional 15% XP to advance in any class a human could and have no level limits

Dhampir -- These are humans with a vampire parent . They gain the additional ability to sense undead (as per spell at will) immunity to vampire charm domination and ghoul paralysis and may strike undead as if they had an appropriate magic weapon. This costs an additional 15% XP

Dwarf -- Cunning Folk rather than Doughty Warriors, Dwarfs tend to default to Thief or Black Wizard rather than Fighter, See here

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