Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Rules Blurb from GURPS Farther Tomorrows

I kept rules changes to a minimum for the game. Here are the guidelines I  gave my players. Also I was fooling around with hero point systems at the time, don't use them anymore though


There are no non human races , robots or uplifts allowed

This game uses 200 points with no points for disadvantages. You may take disadvantages as you see fit and some will be given you

Hero Points are not used

Cybernetics and Bio-Mods require an unusual background of 10 points

Psychic Powers exists however they must be ESP or limited body control related. They usually   require a 10 point UB.

Luck and Ridiculous Luck are allowed

Optional rules in Martial Arts and Tactical Shooting may be used.

Otherwise RAW


  1. This game uses 200 points with no points for disadvantages.

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