Thursday, February 25, 2016

Because Everybody Loves Weapons (from GURPS Farther Tomorrows_

Here is a list of common guns in the Farther Tomorrows GURPS  game


12 and 20 gauge (all types) (everywhere) 12g may used adapted Gyroc loads at 200% cost for ammo

.22 pistol and rifle (all types ) (everywhere)
Hunting Rifle (6.5mm Varminter Colonial, Hunter (everywhere) The most common rifle in the Cradle. It uses an Enfield Style Bolt Action and the older 6.5mm Cartridge

M65 Semi Auto, similar to the above gun only in Semi Auto

30/30 New Century – A nice lever gun seen in Mexico and the American Colonies of very antique design

.45 caliber “classic” (American)

.45 SMG (American) – a rare weapon used as a companion to the classic. Usually suppressed.

these three can be had cheaply as they are standard on a mini fac

9mm and .40 Cal SMG (common)  

9mm and .40 Cal Cartridge Pistol (common)  

9mm and .40 Cal Hold Out Pistol (common)

This revolver series has modular barrels and removable trigger guards. Its favored by spacers and some Americans. It is treated as Fine Quality / Reliable and Fine Quality / Accurate and is fully space proof.

9mm r M7 Revolver (spacers. Americans) shoots 9mm r, and 9mm magnum (side arm)

9mm r M6 Revolver (spacers. Americans) (hold out)

9mm r M10 Lever Rifle (spacers. Americans) (a companion piece to the above, common on frontier worlds)

9mmr Double Dutch Derringer (a novelty piece using the 9mmr load. A holdout gun with limited capacity and tiny grip.

The below weapons use a more powerful magnum cartridge suitable for medium game

.44 H6 Revolver (American) shoots .44 r and .44 magnum
.44 S5 Revolver (American) shoots .44 r

.44 H10 Lever Rifle (American) shoots .44 r and .44 magnum

.44 S6 Revolver (American_ shoots .44 R – this is rare sidearm sized weapon. It is fine/attractive as well.

More Modern Guns

Caseless (Full Range)

Gyroc (full range)

Edmund Dynamics Laser Rifle (as laser carbine with all settings) 15,000 grand

Edmund Dynamics Laser Pistol  (as laser pistol with all settings) 10,000

There are also Chinese versions of these

Tesla Pistol (as Electrolaser) 5,000 Chinese models offer a kill setting

Telsa Rifle (as Electrolaser) 12,000 Chinese models offer a kill setting

Vortex Gun

Hand Weapons

Hatchet (fine at default) superfine (extra +1) is rare costs 10X

Knife (all) can be had in superfine

fine (cheap) very fine (normal) superfine (6x)

Clubs (all)

Bayonet (all) can be had in superfine

Machete (Short Sword)

Stun glove
Stun Stick

Other weapons may be fond on Fringe Worlds or in areas with heavy cultural presence

Most Common Firearms
12g Western Arms Frontier with over and under mounts

30-30 New Century (as 30/30 +p +20% to range categories)

6.5mm Colonial 10 Shot rifle as .270 +p

In case anyone wants something akin to Vera. 

It is a H.C. Arms heavy bore, automatic dual feed custom. 

In  GURPS terms 

ETC 10mm Storm Rifle Fine Accurate with Dual Mags (24+1)

13+2 Pi+1 1950/7500 ACC5 +4 from Smart Scope