Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Crew of the Vi-Vi from GURPS Farther Tomorrows

This is material from what was  my GURPS Firefly-esque game. Inspired obviously by Firefly and Serenity but with other inspirations including Cowboy Bebop , Aliens, Outland , Soldier , Almost Human, 2300 A.D. and other "hard" and "firm" SF.

GURPS 4e stats, actor who would have played them in the movies names   but no character names because I forgot to write them down. No pictures for copyright reasons 

 Under the companion and pilot  you'll note a custom talent or two . I don't remember what it effects were but all skills include bonuses. 

Its not up to spec really but it was what I gave my players to tweak.  Most of the cast except the doctor was my suggestion since the players kind of hung on the idea of "who would play them in the movie.

On the whole the game was a lot of fun and as you would expect GURPS is superb for this kind of thing. 

One interesting fact, despite the fairly heavy weapons loadout and good combat skills, the players mostly avoided combat as it was too lethal and the one fight they go in nearly killed several of them. Ultra Tech weapons are scary.

Of all the characters the space princess was the most shoehorned in and got the least play. She was part of a Filipino space colony that was a monarchy and was running away from an arranged marriage which proves you can use Space Opera and Fantasy tropes even in hardish SF

Captain (Dirk Benedict) 

S 11
D 11
I 13
H 10

Handsome 12
Business Acumen +1 8
Smooth Operator +2 26
Serendipity 15

Skills 61
Guns Pistol 12
Guns Shotgun 12
Brawling 12
Accounting 13
Administration 14
Merchant 15
Economics 12
Gambling 13
Market Analysis 12
Acting 14
Carousing 12
Detect Lies 15
Intimidation 14
Leadership 14
Sex Appeal 12
Diplomacy 14
Fast Talk 15
Streetwise 14
Savior Faire 15
Merchant Law 12
Politics 14
Pilot 13
Crewman 13
Engineering 12
Cargo Handling 12
XP Beam Weapons 12
XP First Aid 13
XP Stealth 10

Major Stuff
TL9 Armored Vest
12 Gauge Shotgun 8+1
Heavy 10mm caseless pistol
Chinese Electro Laser Pistol
Wearable TL9 Genius Computer  

Engineer (John Leguzamo) 

S 12
D 11
I 12
H 12

Attractive 4
Artificer Talent 3 30
Perk Familiarity Low Tech 1
Insider Glance (½ penalty for instant diagnosis) 1
Alcohol Tolerance 1
Gadget 5
Signature Gear Laser Pistol with belt pack 1
Weapon Bond (Your Laser) 1

Beam Weapons 13
Scrounging 14
Brawling 12
Housekeeping 12
Cooking 12
Carousing 12
Sex Appeal 12
Stealth 10
Lockpicking 12
Computers 12
Crewman 12
Streetwise 12
First Aid 12
Area Knowledge 12
Driving 10
Guns Shotgun 10
Ship Engineer 18
Armorer Ship Guns 14
Machinist 15
Armorer 14 Guns
Armorer 14 Lasers
Gravitics 14
Life Support Tech 15
Ship Design 14
Electronics Engineer 14
Electrical Repair 15
Mechanical Engineer 14

Important Gear
Various Fine Tool Kits
Laser Pistol with Belt Pack (100 shots, 20 without ) Blinding, Dazzle, Pulse, Standard settings
Body Armor Overalls

Medic (Jeff Bridges) 

S 12
D 11
I 12
H 11

Attractive 4
Luck 15
Fit 5
Healer Talent 2 18

Fluent Romanian
Streetwise 12
Profession Terraforming 12
Stealth 10
Scounging 12
Guns SMG 14
Guns Shotgun 12
Guns Pistol 12
Knife 12
Brawling 12
Wrestling 11
Soldier 12
SF military 12
Crewman 12
Physician 15
Diagnosis 15
Surgeon 15
First Aid 16
Physiology 12
Psychology 12
Pharmacy 12
Play Instrument 10
Play Chess 12
Play Poker 12
XP Research 12
XP Rifle 12

Major Gear
Civilian Shotgun 8+1
5.7mm ETC PDW
Hunting Rifle
Superfine Knife
Light Body Armor Full Suit
Crash Kit with extra bandage spray
Surgical Tools
Diagnostic Rig  

Princess ( Angelica Panganiban) 

ST 9
DX 12
IQ 12
HT 10

Attractive 5
Emotion Sense L4 range (Unlimited) at Skill 15 30
Mind Shield 3 12
Fear Blast L4 100 yards range Does Not Require Eye Contact at Skill 15 60
Status 4 (some worlds) 10
Psi Ping 1 (may Ping “I want to contact you” at unlimited range on a 12 or less

Skills 53
Language English Fluent
SF Filipino 12
Guns Pistol 12
Politics 12
History 12
Dance 12
Acrobatics 12
Karate 12
Holdout 12
Scrounging 12
Stealth 12
Psychology 15
Literature 12
Art Appreciation 12
Filch 12
First Aid 12
Household Management 12

Skin Suit
First Aid Kit
Arscorp Model C9 9mm Hold Out Pistol 4 extra magazines of 10 rounds each 

Companion (Bar Refaeli) 

S 11
D 12
I 12
H 10

Advantages 50
Status 2 10
Registered Companion 1
Beautiful 12
Fashion Sense 5
Companion Training 2 28

Skills (54)
Acting 14
Sex Appeal 12
Psychology 15
Diplomacy 13
Merchant 13
Dance 14
Art Appreciation 13
Music Appreciation 13
Erotic Art 12
Detect Lie 13
SF Companion 14
Play Instrument 13
Painting 14
Teaching 14
Karate 12
Judo 12
Sport Archery 12
Fencing 12
Profession Guardian 12
Guns Pistol 14
FD Pistol 12
First Aid 12
Shuttle Pilot 12
Area Knowledge 12
Housekeeping 12
Driving 12
History 10
Literature 10

Important Gear
Fancy Clothes and Make Up Kit
Holdout Pistol 2 spare clips
Painting Box
Musical Instrument
Super Fine Smallsword with fancy umbrella scabbard  

Cargo Hand and Security (Timothy Olyphant) 

S 12
D 13
I 12
H 10

Advantages 24
Acute Vision +1 2
Dead Eyed 1
Signature Gear (Rifle/Ammo) 2
Weapon Bond (Rifle) 1
SOP (Go Bag ) 1
Fit 5
Combat Reflexes 15

Skills 71

Camouflage 12
Stealth 12
Armory 12
Guns Rifle 16
Guns Pistol 15
Guns Machine Gun 13
Guns Grenade Launcher 13
Guns Rocket Launcher 13
Fast Draw Pistol 14
Brawling 13
Soldier 12
Crewman 12
Scrounging 12
First Aid 12
Savior Faire Military 12
Cargo Handler 13
Driving 13
Intimidate 12
Carousing 10
Gambling 12
Tactics 11
XP Fluent English 4

Russian ETC Storm Rifle Fine Accurate with Smart Scope
Holdout Pistol 2 spare mags in a power holster
12g Military Shotgun with Under Barrel Grenade Launcher w/ Various Grenades
Splat Gun
Combat Armored Vest w/ Inserts
Light Armored Suit  

The Vi-Vi 

I cannot remember for the life of me what Vi-Vi stood for but the ship looked lots like a Traveller ScouT Courier and sported a highly illegal ship AI and illegal weapons

Stats are "generic" for the setting since ships are  mostly used as transport backdrop. GURPS Starships stats not included. 

 Vi Vi

Custom Designed Science and Exploration Vessel
Length 400 feet long, 225 wide and 95 feet high at high point center

Crew Minimum 2 , Standard 5
State Rooms + Berths Double Sized Captain's Suite + 8 additional staterooms and 12 berths (double
occupancy) includes enhanced life support
Cargo: 1000 Tons with optionally isolation cage
Special – Full Medical Suite with 24 cyro-tubes , lab and automed
Speed – Category 4 Thrust with category 6 Hard Burn with range of 750 AU empty/150 loaded.
Drive-- Parker-Merlin space drive with Dale Fusor. Normal rating 110% of needed.
Sensors and Computers – Advanced sensors with experimental robotics system and heavy automation
Weapons-- 4 Hardpoints with pop-up “Q” capability each mounting high energy ship to ship lasers and a single chaff dispenser. Also 4 mag grapples
Small Craft: Mounts for 4 Escape Shuttles (not available) 2 Modular Cutters each with 4 modules
racks. 10 self powered buoys and 2 scout drones
Atmo Capable with full ram scoop


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