Thursday, February 11, 2016

So what GURPS have you played and run ?

I've played and run a  lot less than I'd like to be honest

I've run three campaigns all recently in 4th edition

#1 A one mildly cinematic fantasy starting at 150 points. It ran about 12 sessions or so

#2 A highly cinematic Fantasy inspired by the anime  Inuyasha

It was 250 points and extra "shard" powers.  It ran 12 or 15 sessions

#3 A firefly like SF game 150 points also 8-10 sessions

I've also run "non campaign" games,

 Three sessions of Twilight 2000 in GURPS 3rd edition and a   smattering of one shots, one fantasy Europe  and one espionage shooter that I can remember

I've played exactly once, Fantasy 100 points in 3rd edition Fantasy back in the day I think I played a mercenary. Its been a long long time though so I might be off

By comparison I've run one Pathfinder campaign , 6 Angel or Buffy campaigns (though I've never played) load of Rolemaster and tons of D&D in various versions.

GURPS simply was never on the menu until my current group for some reason but now that it is, well hey. I am going to play while I can.


  1. Hrm.

    Dark Conspiracy in GURPS back in 1991 or 1992.

    I did what I called the Earth Federation campaign - started as "I want to do Babylon 5" but eventually was just an alternate future that happened to be on a space station.

    I did a very fun Black Ops campaign, but with toned-down PCs. Maybe 350-400 points.

    I did a very fun Fantasy campaign, where the first sessions were a prequel that was a pre-destined TPK (and the players knew that). The follow-up was many years later.

    I ran a Firefly game in GURPS for a bit. Worked well.

    Lords of Shadow and Light was another version of a Dark Conspiracy game, where the players got to experience the rift opening from the get-go.

    Finally, my most recent Alien Menace campaign is basically XCOM in GURPS.

  2. Interesting. Thanks for chiming in Doug.

    We aren't the only people thinking about Firefly with GURPS. There is a Yahoo group called GURPS Browncoats I know nothing about it though

    And BtW GURPS and Unisystem's "Spacefarers and Prairie Folk" actually work better than the current Firefly game which uses the Smallville soap opera gaming system

    The original Cortex system wasn't terrible but it was less refined than GURPS which I suspect was one of its ancestors

    Its not bad for a err data cortex though

    Heck I'd love to see a GURPS Space Cowboys kind of Firefly meets Cowboy Bebop with Alien zerust mixed in setting for GURPS

  3. -Legacy of Dracula: A mashup of GURPS Steampunk, GURPS Screampunk, and GURPS Horror. The PCs are part of an organization of vampire hunters funded by Lord Godalming and operating under the disguise of a Gentleman's Club. Fairly cinematic. Ran for about five sessions.

    -A one-shot using just the core book. It was an alternate Vietnam where the US Army had psionic soldier units and the Viet Cong had mages.

    -The Titanic module out of GURPS Time Travel.

    -A very forgettable and slightly Asian-themed GURPS fantasy one shot.

    -A GURPS Time Travel one shot of my own design.

    That's pretty much it. I still have copies of some GURPS books... Magic, Grimoire, Technomancer, and Steampunk- but I'd probably never run it again. Mostly I just keep those books for the ideas.

  4. * I borrowed some Man to Man and GURPS rules for my homebrew space campaign circa 1985-1986, later converting it to straight GURPS circa 1987. Some of this was published as Space Atlas IV.

    * I ran a dungeon fantasy game 1987-88 that worked fairly well (that was when I also replaced PD with what later became the 4e rules for it).

    * I ran a GURPS mecha game in 1988

    * I restarted my fantasy campaign in the early 1990s and also ran the Legentia fantasy setting with GURPS. I ran a campaign that later turned into the published adventure published as Mordag's Little Finger.

    * I continued some of my earlier Space campaigns again in the 1990s and later on.

    * I ran a cyberpunk/transhuman black ops campaign centered on a group of furries and bioroids in a troubleshooter agency..

    * I converted my old Traveller science fiction/science fantasy campaign's rules to GURPS and ran that for quite some time

    * I ran multiple short one shots and convention adventures in various genres (pirate, horror, mecha, space, etc.) I also ran a few published adventures (e.g., Flight 13).

    I've played GURPS on two occasions, I think, but have GMed lots and lots of times.