Friday, October 21, 2011

Old School Design Rants #1 Old School is not a layout or editing style

This is a little series of sorts about old school game design. Mostly personal rants and ideas I think will improve future OSR design.

Rant #1

You do not have to duplicate the poor quality editing and layout of the old games to be old school. As long as your game supports the basic GM centric, high trust, use your own brain not the rulebook set up its old school no matter how its laid out.


  1. Very true.

    Although I should say that I really like the Souvenier/Soutane font (BX D&D). It's just a nice looking and very readable font. It's nice to break the TNR near monopoly from time to time.

  2. Yes true...but, adapting the layout and style is also nice to see. I doesn't make it "more old-school" but is kinda cool.