Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Question for the Readers

I'll start with a confession, I like night time soap operas in small doses, Dallas and Dynasty when I was a kid, occasionally others. Of late I have been enjoying the sleazy Melrose Place remake on NetFlix.

For those who haven't watched it, those show is way sexed up compared to the dreadful 1991 version and in addition to the usual schemers the leads include an obsessed psycho, a thief, and a med school student turned prostitute (played by the same gorgeous actress who played the Chinese Aussie resistance fighter is Terminator Sarah Conner Chronicles)

Let me ask you this.

Are Conventional RPGS (not Indy games designed for this purpose) good for other kinds of games than action story derived ones?

Can they with the right group be effectively used to game those stories of betrayal, jealousy, decadence and other sorts of immorality without implied violence?

If so, what is needed to make it work?


  1. With the right players and GM, any system can do this - check out Bill Stoddard's campaigns.

    With my players or me GMing, no way! :)

  2. Its like that with my group though as a GM I can handle drama, its just keeping things from degenerating into weird and apocalyptic that are my flaws.

    My players would fall asleep I think and of the two women, well they are more bloodthirsty than the men. They'd be bored to tears.