Monday, January 23, 2012

About that Fireflyesque Game

I thought y'all might like to be interested in it.

The elevator pitch

Its , 200 years from now, with tech about that of Firefly but with a stable wormhole near Pluto for Transit. It'll take several years to cross the verse.

There are different cultures and colonies but no aliens except for the Transhuman Badguys "The Polity" who are still technically kind of human.

Themes come from Alien, Runaway, Outland, 2300AD, Firefly, Cowboy Bebop, Star Frontiers Blue Planet and maybe a smidgen of Even Horizon

The first adventure "Starfall on the Lost Planet" is based very loosely off an old Star Frontiers one.

That pretty much it. Now all that remains is a bit of editing on my backgrounds, putting together a soundtrack and some prep work.


  1. Sounds fun... did I miss what system you are using?

    1. Thanks for chiming in Ryan!

      It was in the previous post but I was kinda unclear.

      At player request we'll be using GURPS 150 points +and extra 50 for disadvantages and quirks (I'd just give the value of a full set and let people take what they like)

      It should be interesting.