Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Thorny Issue of Minors at the Table

As a general rule I prefer to game with adults, preferably in their twenties or older. This is not a hard and fast rule though and as gamers are often scarce hereabouts, any good player can be welcome under the right circumstances. Also teaching games to youngsters can be rewarding and is a necessary part of our community work. However do the paranoid times in which we live there are some special guidelines for minors.

#1 The Group has to say OK

#2 Parental permission is a must

#2 All minors (this being 16-17) require an adult chaperon (this can include a game shop employee in the case of an in store demo game) of some kind till fully vetted by the group and the group is approved by the parents. This has to be done by the parents in person and is only done in exceptional cases.

#3 Minors under 16 are only allowed at in store or other structured and approved demo games in public places with an adult chaperon present .

#4 Any minor is allowed if the parent is present and a part of the gaming group and #1 and #2 criteria are met.

This protects my group from concerns on unwarranted accusations, eases parental concerns but still allows up to teach gaming to youngsters as needed.

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