Friday, May 30, 2014

A Few Thoughts on my hypothetical retro-clone part 3 Equipment

I don't foresee that many changes to the standard equipment lists, maybe a bit of tweaking of the armor and weapon tables a large list of day to day items (bowl, spoon, towel) and a large alchemy list in only because I like alchemy items.

Buckler will be changed to its historical counterpart not the 3e wrist shield. This makes it a weapon actually probably doing 1d3 damage and giving +1 to AC if fighting defensively (bucklers are small) . A magic buckler would use its bonuses for both I don't know yet. Its biggest strength is that like the Main Gauche does not require any special ability to fight off hand with

Also since I figure since day to day equipment wasn't hugely different from 1040 to 1740 (save guns of course) my lists would encompass the entire spectrum allowing Arthur to Brotherhood of the Wolf type gear.

Last I'd very much like to include an optional flavorful personal equipment rule ala Beyond the Wall.

I love the idea of gear like "a drape of the stars" or a "charred staff once owned by your mentor" in some games.

Since I won't be using a life-path system making up a class specific chart will be the way to go.

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