Thursday, May 29, 2014

Play or GTFO or the New No Passive Aggressive Character Concepts Rule

This is a bit more angry than my usual post.

Starting now I am imposing a new rule, any time I am the GM or DM all characters must met the campaign needs and be something you are willing to play .

If the game does not interest you or you are not willing to play, say so. If  you choose a stupid, inappropriate , bland or disruptive  character concept a a passive aggressive protest to the game instead of acting like an adult and telling me you don't like the game I won't want to game with you.

As we  are adults and a polite "That doesn't sound fun." and I'll offer my second choice or "can someone else GM" will suffice.

Just say your piece and if you can't or we can't agree than  we both need a new gaming group.

Now this next bit is specific to rotational groups configured like my current group "Note as we are on a rotation this means everyone will have to play a lot of games of only marginal interest if this group is to work . Deal."

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