Friday, May 30, 2014

My Buffy/Angel House Rules

It lks like next week I am be running the  Buffy RPG using the Unisystem rules.

I've done this quite a bit and in general the system works super well for me. better than almost anything I've run to be honest.

Like anything though I do have house rules.

Here are mine. Used in all games

#1 Subtractive Defense.

This is actually an optional rule (written by the systems creator) from Witchcraft. Basically all defense successes subtract from attack successes. This slightly improves survivability without altering game balance.

#2 Theme Song.

I admit this rule is a bit quirky and kind of Meta but I like and my players have enjoyed it too.  Once per game when appropriate (typically during a boss fight or the like)  a player may trigger his or her theme song. This costs 2 drama points and requires the theme song actually be played at the table. The effects are serious butt kicking and are treated like Righteous Fury

Used in this game

#1 Ghost of Albion Magic.

I'll be using this system instead of the Magic Box. I prefer it slightly as its better balanced and more refined.

#2 Teenage Blues

When characters are Teens (with the 2 point flaw) the following rules apply.
Wealth is the parents level of wealth and characters only have access to what a minor would. Also they may take bad parents as enemies (1 or 2 points) or good parents as allies if desired.


  1. Awesome!! Love to hear more about it.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I'll try and post a little about the game when it gets hashed out.