Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dwarves of Midrea : Origins

The origin of these guys was pretty prosaic, 100% gamer dwarf -- aka a race of craft crazy, mining and gold obsessed Gimli wannabes with bad Scots accents

This is fun and easy to play and well understood by everybody.

However of late I have wanted to add a little more variety to the breed and make them more clever (most of the time than doughty)

My never inspirations include The Hobbit (note that the Dwarves in that are often sneaky as much as fighty) Faerie Tales, Norse Myth, a bit of Gamer Dwarf (including Warhammer and D&D) C.S Lewis's Narnia and the excellent Advanced Races: Dwarves by Green Ronin.

This gives me a more cunning and sly dwarf while not disallowing the occasional warrior dwarf,


  1. I've never been sure where the common idea of dwarves having a Scots accent came from. Until I played WoW for a while, I had always assumed a very Scandinavian or German accent.

    I'm currently reading Anderson's 3 Hearts & 3 Lions though, and that's what is in there. I never was able to find that book when I was younger, so perhaps it all goes back to Poul for other people?

  2. You know Dwarves have had Scots accents in my play sphere since at least the late 80's.

    The Poul Anderson idea is possible though, its pretty good thinking.