Sunday, October 24, 2010

Haflings of Midrea Part #2 Creation

As I mentioned in my original article here my Halflings were kind of an afterthought, well players might want them I better put them in kind of thing.

Seeing as how I kind of was shanghaied into adding them I felt I ought too add whatever I liked so lomg as I left them intact enough to meet expectations . So I added a bit of the GURPS Yrth Halflings , Nelwyn's (Willows People) Warrows (from the McKeiernen's Silver Call) some modern D&D Halfling (mine tend to be taller) some Birthright Halfling and of course plenty of Tolkien to the mix. The stew was easy to create as that was pretty much all the media on Halflings anyway.

I took out the barge folk (I have humans for that now) the gypsy haflings (redundant when I have Human Tinkers) and I can tell you other than height and maybe random pouch tables not a drop of Kender got in the mix.

Once it was sorted add one local, an gate world fir an origin and viola, Halflings of Midrea

So, how about y'all tell me about your reluctantly added races, what you did to reclaim them and what you did to create them.

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