Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Epic Level Pathfinder/3x Cheese Question

So here is a fun munchkin question .. Say you were invited to a Level 30 Epic campaign, almost anything from 3x and Pathfinder can be used -- What would you play?

For me it would be an Wizard 5 Incantrix 10 Abjurant Champion 5 Force Missile Mage 5 Argent Savant 5

This is between the metamagic abuse, the truly horrid magic missiles, a plethora of boosted force spells and the lovely fact that that you can pop off a quickened +11 shield spell should be able to handle almost anything.

How about you?


  1. Anything 3x? Have a copy of munchkin d20?

  2. Munchkin ;)

    I used to have a copy of that book. I bought it at my FLGS on deep discount.

    Basically I'd buy up a lot of unwanted games in bulk. The store owner told me it was "cheaper by the inch" and I kind you not. He got a lot of my money that way.

    Most of those were traded away and I only regret one, Citizens Games "The Way of the Witch" which was excellent. I can get it in hardcopy still but I just don't feel like spending the money. That game amusingly had one of the few actually good pieces of intro fiction. Not a surprise as one of the authors was a novelist

    Normal stuff only (well OK normal as anything D&D can get)