Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gnomes of Midrea: Origins

There were the easiest. The only temptation I had to avoid was to make them Garden Gnome Size or smaller like in the Gnomes books.

Instead I made them Small tricky woods oriented Fae suitable for PC's

They got a tiny hint of Hugi (from Poul Anderson's excellent Three Hearts and Three Lions) a hint Gnomes from the books, a hint of David the Gnome from TX, a little roaming Gnome,and Garden gnome (just kidding) and some Gamer Gnome.

It was comfortably easy compared to the others.


  1. "or smaller like in the Gnomes books"

    That's precisely what mine are like in my own settings.. hehe. It's the traditional gnome of European myth and legend, so I like them much better than 1970+ gamer gnomes :) Of course, they aren't available as a standard PC race either.

  2. I really did want the smaller Gnomes but as I run systems that don't mesh with well with smaller PC's something had to give.

  3. Yeah, if they're going to be a playable race, tiny is a huge disadvantage and only very rarely useful in a party of 'normal' sized companions.