Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The 2002 WOTC Setting Search

I normally don't carry conversations from Big Purple over here but this one got me thinking about my old entries in that Wizards contest.

Back in 2002 I entered three worlds into the WOTC contest, Midrea which you see here , Enarion which was kind a bronze age city state thing and another, a not very Tolkien like Evil wins setting.

About a week before the thing was to close I received a phone call from Wizards requesting some kind of legal paperwork. Needless to say I was to the post office so fast you could see the contrail.

Now I really have no idea how close I was to victory but I like to think I was second to last set , which in what 12k entries is not all that bad. If any of my entries did make it that far I assume it was Midrea, as this setting was designed as sandbox/kitchen sink as I could make and I saw the same theme in Ebberon.

I honor of that , next couple of posts will be my one pagers from the contest. With apologies to all I cannot find my "Evil Wins" setting but if I ever do, rest assured I'll post it too.

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